AVI to Xvid Converter: How to Convert AVI to Xvid? Convert AVI Files to Xvid with AVI to Xvid Converter Freely


It is very simple to convert AVI to Xvid today as there are various AVI to Xvid converters in converting field. However, you will be disappointed after using them as some of them convert AVI files to Xvid with poor video quality and damage your original files. Others has limited features. For example, convert files one by one; cannot output subtitle; does not support file editing; output only several formats; do not support converting files to freely payback on players or devices and so on.

In this case, many people would like to get an AVI to Xvid converter with professional features and reasonable prices. This article aims to provide excellent AVI to Xvid converter to meet your demands. Please follow the words to get it.


AVI to Xvid Converter for Windows


AVI to Xvid Converter for Mac


Problems when Converting AVI to Xvid

  • I use an online converter converting my AVI files to Xvid. The image is a slur. I have no idea why. I do not want to use it never. I prefer a professional AVI to Xvid converter. Any good recommendation?
  • I am having trouble to play some of my AVI files on my DVD player. I need to convert AVI to Xvid. Is there an easy way to do it?
  • I have tons of AVI files and hope to convert them to Xvid. Can someone tell me a tool that can convert them in batch. I refuse to convert them one by one as I will be exhausted.
  • Need a professional AVI to Xvid converter with editing functions. I need to cut and rotate files for my personal show. Besides, I have to make sure the show can be played on kinds of devices so I need to save them to different format version. Which tool can do it?
  • Anyone know a reliable guide on how to convert AVI to Xvid? I do not have much time on it. It would be great if I can get a detailed and easy instruction of it.

How to Convert AVI to Xvid on Windows and Mac?

In order to convert AVI to Xvid, a professional AVI to Xvid converter is a great helper. This article will recommend an awesome AVI to Xvid converter and a step by step guide on how to convert AVI to Xvid with it for your convenience.

Professional AVI to Xvid Converter for Windows and Mac

  • Convert AVI to Xvid without quality loss.
  • Convert AVI files to Xvid in batch with no question.
  • Convert AVI to Xvid to play AVI files on Xvid compatible players like CD player, DVD player etc.
  • Convert AVI to other formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, VOB, WMV, MOV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC etc. to play AVI files freely on devices and players. Besides, it can also output any video files to AVI for AVI supported devices, players, software, apps and so on.
  • Convert other video formats except for AVI to Xvid for enjoyment on Xvid known devices. More than that, it can help convert Xvid to any video audio formats like ASF, DV, DivX, SWF, FLV, RM, MPEG, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, AC3, DTS, OGG and more to play Xvid files on tools and devices like iTunes, QuickTime, iPhone, iPad, PS4, Android and son on.
  • Convert between hundreds of video audio files without any limitation.
  • AVI to Xvid Converter is a safe and clean tool without any virus or plug-in. It is not harmful to your original files at all.
  • Edit files freely: trim, crop, merge, split files into chapters, rotate, compress, add or remove watermark or subtitle, change audio channels, add 3D effects, enhance videos, remove noise, adjust bitrate, resolution and more.

Step by Step Guide to Convert AVI to Xvid Easily

Free download AVI to Xvid Converter to your computer. Run it on your computer.


Professional AVI to Xvid Converter for Windows


Professional AVI to Xvid Converter for Mac


Step 1 Load AVI Files

Click “Add File” button to import files to the software.


AVI to Xvid Converter: How to Convert AVI to Xvid?


Step 2 Set the Format as Xvid

Click “Profile” drop-down button to select Xvid as the output formats.

If you want to convert between other formats or devices, select the relative category from “Profile” drop-down button.

Step 3 Edit Files Freely (Optional)

  • In “Enhance” tab, upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise or reduce video shaking.
  • In “Trim” tab, clip files by parts.
  • In “3D” tab, add 3D effects to your videos with marvelous watching experience
  • In “Rotate” tab, rotate files to different angles.
  • In “Crop” tab, adjust the video screen or remove black bars.
  • In “Effect” tab, adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, boost sound volume etc.
  • In “Watermark” tab, add or remove watermark with no trouble.
  • In “Merge into one file” tab, merge all files together.
  • In “Setting…” tab, change audio channels, audio bitrate, sample rate, resolution, compress files, and so on.

Step 4 Convert AVI Files to Xvid with AVI to Xvid Converter

Click “Convert” button to convert AVI to Xvid on your computer.

When the conversion is completed, click “Open Folder” button to get the converted files for enjoying.


This excellent AVI to Xvid Converter can not only convert AVI files to Xvid with high quality and batch mode, but also acting as a powerful editor, converter, player, volume booster, file compressor and so on. It can do you a great hand on how to convert AVI to Xvid without problems. Why not free download it to have a try immediately?


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