DCT to MP3 – How to Convert/Open DCT Files with DCT Converter Without Trouble? DCT File Converter - Play DCT in iPhone, iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC or Upload DCT to YouTube or Burn DCT to DVD

Why We Need to Convert DCT to MP3, AIFF, M4A, FLAC, WAV and More?

DCT is a file format used by Microsoft Visual FoxPro and is most commonly associated with dictionary files. DCT files contain contextual notes on a FoxPro database and are used for spell-checking, dictionary, translation, or word p[……]

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PVR Video Converter/Player – How to Convert PVR to AVI, MP4, MP3 on PC/Mac? (2019 Updated) PVR to MP4/AVI Converter - Convert PVR Videos to Freely Open PVR Files on Media Players, Portable Devices, and Video Editing Tools

What is PVR File Format in Our Eyes?

PVR is short from personal video recorder and is an interactive TV recording device that records and plays back television programs. PVR can pause, rewind, stop, or fast-forward a recorded program.

A PVR is made up of two elements: the device that store[……]

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BU File Player – How to Freely Convert and Play BU Videos with BU File Converter? (2019 Updated) Burn BU into DVD, Upload BU to YouTube or Play BU Files on Windows, Mac, Players, Portable Devices or Edit BU Video without Trouble with BU Vide Player


BU files are uncommon files primarily associated with a Samsung DVR like CCTV (Closed-circuit television) recording system. Bu files contain surveillance video in a proprietary Samsung format and are playable on Samsung devices or with Samsung’s video software. When you are trying to ope[……]

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FLI Player – How to Freely Convert and Play FLI Videos? FLI to AVI Converter - Play FLI Files on Windows, Mac, Players, Portable Devices or Edit FLI Videos Happily

What is FLI File Format?

FLI videos are often seen in movies or animations created by Autodesk animation software like Animator Pro. The FLI files can reduce the file size, but maintain the original quality. FLI is popular with its simple design that can quick animation playback and does not requ[……]

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How to Freely Convert and Play OMA Audios with OMA Audio Converter? OMA to MP3/WAV/WMA Converter - Play OMA Files on Windows, Mac, Players, Portable Devices or Edit OMA Audios Freely

Why We Need to Convert OMA to MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AIFF?

OMA file extension is a Sony Open MG used audio format. OMA files can be gotten in ATRAC3 (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding3) with very high quality sound. We often cannot directly play OMA files on Windows, Mac, iTunes, iPad, iPhone, Bla[……]

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KSD Player – How to Freely Convert and Play KSD Audios? (2019 Updated) KSD to WAV Converter - Play KSD Files on Windows, Mac, Players, Portable Devices or Edit KSD Audios Happily

Why We Cannot Play KSD Files Freely?

KSD file extension is created by Native Instruments Massive, a program (DAW) that enables you to create and edit “massive” sounds such as deep, punchy bass lines. KSD file is associated with NI Kore Sound which is integrated software and hardware system th[……]

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VOX File Player – Convert VOX Files to Play VOX Audios with VOX Audio Converter VOX to MP3/WAV Converter - Play VOX in iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC or Upload VOX to YouTube or Burn VOX to DVD

Is it Necessary to Convert VOX to WAV, MP3, AIFF, ALAC, FALC and more?

VOX file format is a typical audio format usually seen in telephony applications or an occasional arcade redemption game, voice mail for example. VOX files can keep audio data size small while preserving high audio quality. Th[……]

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FLC File Converter/Player – How to Convert FLC files on Windows PC and Mac? FLC to MP3/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV - Easily Convert FLC Videos to Any Video or Audio Formats for Playback

Overview of FLC File Format

FLC is a file format related to AutoDesk and is created by Autodesk animation software Animator Pro. FLC contains a movie clip relatively large (640×480) movies. FLC is more popular with X11 workstations, PCs and Macs as FLC can be played back at reasonable speeds.[……]

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FBR to MP4 Converter – How to Convert and Play FBR Files Anywhere? (2019 Updated) FBR to AVI/WMV/FLV Converter - Freely Play FBE Files in Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, iPhone, iPad or Edit FBR in iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and more

The Past and Present of FBR File Format

FBR files are created with the BB FlashBack screen recorder program. FBR format is typically used for creating software demos, tutorials, training materials. It captures the events on the screen, and can be combined with text sound and images added by the u[……]

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WRF Converter – Play WRF Files and Convert WRF File Freely (2019 Updated) WRF Converter and WRF Player - Convert, Play, Edit and Download WRF Files with Ease

What is WRF File Format?

The .wrf file extension associates with the WebEx recording software containing audio and video recordings created by this software. It is used to create computer tutorials and demonstrations for online training purposes and also used for Think Free Write document fil[……]

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