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How to Open and Play M3U8 Files with no Problem?

You may meet some .m38u files in our daily life. When you try to play them, you will find it is hard to open them on many mainstream devices. If you look into them, you can find M3U8 files are not actual video or audio files but a path or URL to a media file or folder of media files, and it is usually going with information about the playlist. That is why lots of devices cannot play them.

Here comes the question. Now that M3U8 files are not actual videos, how can you play them?

Here is a guide on how to play M3U8 video files with two nice ways.

  1)   VLC Media Player

  2)   Free Online M3U8 Playing Site: hlsplayer.net

Section 1   How to Play M3U8 with VLC Media Player?

Playing M3U8 video with VLC media player is very simple. Follow these easy steps to start now.

Step 1:  Download VLC Media Player

When the downloading and installation is done, open M3U8 player.

Step 2:  Load M3U8 files to VLC Media Player

  • There are two situations about M3U8 files. One is downloaded and saved in local computer and the other is stored in URL.
  • To M3U8 files downloaded and saved in local computer, you can drag the files to the M3U8 file player or click “Media” ->”Open File…” or “Open Folder…” to add files.
  • To M3U8 files stored in URL, click “Media” -> “Open Network Stream…”, then select “Network” from a new pop-up window to get MU3 files.
  • Sometimes, M3U8 files may be saved in Disc, in this way click “Media” -> “Open Disc…”, and choose “Disc” to import MU3 files to M3U8 audio player.


How to Play M3U8 Files with VLC?


 Step 3:  Click Play button for M3U8 file playing

When all is finished, press Play button to enjoy your files.

Section 2   How to Play M3U8 with Free Online M3U8 Player?

If you prefer to play M3U8 files online, here is a free site for you: https://www.hlsplayer.net/

 Step 1:  Copy and paste the site to your browser

Open the site in your browser.

 Step 2:  Play M3U8 files online

Copy and paste your M3U8 URL there and click “Play” button. Your files will be played in a little while.

Make a Conclusion

This article provides two more professional and reliable ways than recommended other ways on the internet to play M3U8 files for all users. With these two nice M3U8 players, you will never be troubled by .m3u8 files any more. Just get them to enjoying your M3U8 files right now.


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