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Fail to Play M3U Files

Are you troubled by .m3u files? Have no idea on how to play M3U files on Windows, Mac or portable devices? Do not know how to deal with .m3u files stored in URL? Wonder if there is a wonderful player which can play M3U files or download .m3u files in URL? If you are annoyed by these questions or stuck in similar situations, you definitely come to the right place. This article will tell a step by step guide to help you solve your .m3u playing puzzles.

Part 1.  Play M3U Files with iTunes

Part 2.  Play M3U Audios with VLC Media Player

Part 3.  Other Players to Play M3U Files

Part 1.  Play M3U Files with iTunes – 3 Steps to Solve M3U File Playing Problems

Step 1  Download iTunes from apple.com

Open iTunes when installation is finished.

Step 2  Load M3U files to iTunes – A nice M3U Player

  • If your M3U files are in computer and saved in .m3u file extension, click “File” -> “Add File to Library…” to load M3U files to iTunes.
  • If your M3U files are in a folder, click “File” -> “Add Folder to Library…” to import M3U files.
  • If your M3U files are on internet and need to be downloaded, click “File” -> “Open Stream…” and copy the URL and paste it into the pop window.


How to Play M3U Files with iTunes?


Step 3  Play M3U files in the “Internet Songs” section of library to enjoy it.

Part 2.  Play M3U Files with VLC Media Player – 3 Steps to Fix M3U File Playing Issues

Step 1  Download VLC Media Player videolan.org

Launch VLC Media Player when you are ready.

Step 2  Load M3U files to the interface of VLC Media Player – A good M3U File Player

  • For M3U files in computer saved in .m3u file extension, it is an easy way to directly drag the files to the player. You may also click “Media” ->”Open File…” or “Open Folder…” to add files.
  • For M3U files online saved in URL, click “Media” -> “Open Network Stream…”, then a new window will pop up. Choose “Network” to get MU3 files.
  • For M3U files in Disc, click “Media” -> “Open Disc…”, and select “Disc” to import MU3 files.


Simple Steps to Play M3U Files with VLC


Step 3  Click Play button in VLC Media Player to play M3U files for joy

Part 3.  Other Players to Play M3U Files

Here is a list of other M3U audio players that can play M3U files from Online. You may try if you are interested and familiar with.

  • For Mac Users: MPV
  • For Windows Users: Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, XMPlay, JRiver Media Center


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