Compress Video for Email on Mac and Windows Easily Video to Email Compressor: Compress MP4, AVI, MOV,WMV, MOV etc. for Email


Want to compress video for email? Do not know how to make a video smaller for email? Need a solution to compress a video in MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV etc. to a smaller size for Email? Hope to reduce or shrink video for email?

If these are what you are facing, this is your right place. As this article aims to provide an easy guide to deal with how to compress video for Email on Mac and Windows. Just read the article and follow it patiently.


Compress Video for Email on Windows


Compress Video for Email on Mac


Why Compress Video to Email?

Email is one of the most important information exchanging method in modern life. However, there is file size limitation when transferring via Email. Take Gmail and Outlook as an example. The maximum size for them are 25MB and 20MB. As we all know, the size of video can be up to Gigabyte. So many big video cannot be transferred or shared via Email?

What if we want to send video via Email? The good choice is to compress video to a smaller video size for Email.

General Issues of Compressing Video for Email

  • I have a 500M video needing to be attached to Email for sending. But Gmail says it is too big. How to make a video smaller for Email?
  • I make a speech video for my work. I cannot transfer it to my leader via Email as the big file size. I am going to compress it smaller for Email. Any good advice?
  • I am looking for a simple way to reduce file size for Email. Can someone help?
  • I am trying to shrink my MP4 video size for email but do not know how to do it. Please help!

The Excellent Video to Email Compressor for Mac and Windows

This wonderful Video to Email Compressor can help compress video for Email for both PC and Mac users with no trouble. Here are more features of it.

  • Compress any video to a smaller file size for Email, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, VOB, LFV, WMV, MOV, AVCHD, MTS, OGV, WTV, MXF, DV, DivX, R3D etc.
  • Compress any audio for Email, for example, MP3, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, OGG, AU, WAV, WMA etc.
  • Reduce video size for all types of Emails like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Mail etc.
  • Shrink video size for all kinds of sharing sites, devices like YouTube, PS etc.
  • Acting as a nice video converter that can convert among hundreds of video audio formats with bravo quality.
  • Working as a great video editor which is able to edit files like: split video, rotate video, crop video, change video codec, sample rate, bit rate, video size, etc, add or remove subtitles, effects, logo, etc.

How to Compress Video for Email on Mac and Windows?

Make Preparation: Free download Video to Email Compressor on Windows and Mac. Run it on your computer.


Reudece Video Size for Email on Windows


Reudece Video Size for Email on Mac


Step 1 Import File

Click “Add File” button to load video to the software.


Compress Video for Email on Mac and Windows Easily



Step 2 Compress File

Follow one of the below guide to compress video for Email.

  • Option One: Adjust Video Bitrate

Click “Setting” button of MP4 Compressor to “Profile Settings” tab. Then go to “Video Settings” -> “Video Bitrate” and choose a smaller bitrate than your original video. Click “OK” when you finish to compress video.

  • Option Two: Change Frame Rate

Go to “Setting” button and find “Profile Settings” tab. Then click “Video Settings” -> “Frame Rate” and adjust it to a smaller one. Click “OK” when all is well.

  • Option Three: Adjust Video Resolution

Click “Setting” -> “Profile Settings” -> “Video Settings” -> “Resolution” option. Select your desired video size there.

Step 3 Compress Video for Email

Click “Convert” button to reduce file size for Email.

How to Compress Video on Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod and Android for Email?

  • First:  Go to store on your phone, for example, find App Store in iPod, iPhone and iPad; get Google Play in Android.
  • Second:  Type “Video Compress” as the keywords for searching and find the suitable tool for you.
  • Third:  Load file to the chosen software above and adjust the parameters related to file size like resolution, frame rate, bitrate to a lower number. Compress video for Email when you make all is ready.


This passage offers the best way on how to compress video for Email. If you are looking for a method to reduce or shrink video size for Email, why not free try it? Believer me. It is a life savor for you.


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