MP3 to FLAC Converter for Windows and Mac How to Convert MP3 to FLAC with MP3 to FLAC Converter?


This article is going to recommend a wonderful MP3 to FLAC Converter for both Windows and Mac user. Meanwhile, there will also be a step by step guide on how to use this professional MP3 to FLAC Converter to convert MP3 to FLAC for enjoying.

Why Convert MP3 to FLAC?

  • Reason One: MP3 is a lossy format with bigger file size. By comparison, FLAC is lossless with smaller file size. So it is a good choice to convert MP3 to FLAC for space saving or file storing.
  • Reason Two: There are unified or strict requirements for file format in certain occasion. They demand FLAC as the assigned audio format. In this way, there is no other options but to convert MP3 to FLAC format.

MP3 to FLAC Converter for Mac and Windows

  • Convert MP3 files to FLAC on Mac and Windows easily.
  • Convert plenty of MP3 audios to FLAC in batch with zero quality loss.
  • Convert MP3 to other audio formats like WAV, WMA, M4A, MP2, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, AU etc.
  • Convert any other audio files to FLAC freely.
  • Convert between any two audio formats for freely playback with no limitation.
  • Extract sound from video audio files: easily extract music from any video audio files without any trouble.
  • Edit files easily: trim or cut files, split files, merge files, adjust audio codec, bitrate, channel and more.

How to Convert MP3 to FLAC  Successfully?

Free download MP3 to FLAC Converter. Run it on your Windows or Mac.


Wonderful MP3 to FLAC Converter for Windows


Wonderful MP3 to FLAC Converter for Mac


Step 1 Load MP3 Files

Click “Add Files” button to import MP3 files to the tool.


How to Convert MP3 to FLAC with MP3 to FLAC Converter?


Step 2 Select FLAC as the Format

Click “Profile” drop down button to set FLAC as the format.

Step 3 Convert MP3 to FLAC 

Click “Convert” button to convert MP3 files to FLAC.

Customize MP3 Files Before Converting

  • Trim files: Go to “Trim” button to adjust “Start Time” and “End Time” to cut files as you like.
  • Merge or join files: Go to “Merge into one file” tab to combine files together.
  • Adjust audio volume: Go to “Edit” tab to increase sound volume.
  • Change sound channel: Go to “Settings” tab to adjust audio channel.
  • Compress file: Go to “Settings” button to change audio codec, bitrate and so on.

General Issues on Converting MP3 to FLAC

  • I get lots of MP3 files from my friend. They are so big for my computer. I want to store them with a format taking less space. I hear FLAC can compress files up to 70%. How can I convert MP3 to FLAC?
  • I am seeking for a simple way to convert MP3 to FLAC. Where can I find my way?
  • Need a useful tool to convert bunch of MP3 files to FLAC at one time. Urgent!
  • How to convert MP3 to FLAC? Can someone tells a simple way?
  • Want the best MP3 to FLAC converter. Any helpful advice?
  • Want to compress .mp3 files to smaller files. Someone tells me FLAC is a nice choice. How to do it?


MP3 to FLAC Converter here is the best choice to convert MP3 files to FLAC. It provides the easiest and most effective method to solve how to convert MP3 to FLAC issues. It will do you a great favor. Why not give it a chance to free try it right now?


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