HDV to AVI Converter: How to Convert HDV to AVI Simply? Convert HDV Files to AVI for Playing HDV on Xbox 360, PS4, Windows Media Player, TV, Windows Movie Maker, BlackBerry, PowerPoint, etc.


HDV files are from digital camcorders with high definition. HDV format is quite common in digital filed and is widely used. However, this video format is incompatible with many modern players or devices like Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Blu-ray Player, TV, BlackBerry, Windows Media Player, and Wi[……]

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HDV to MP4 Converter: Convert HDV to MP4 Freely Convert HDV to MP4 to Play HDV on iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMovie, QuickTime, PS4, Xbox 360, Android, etc.


“I’m looking for a HDV Converter that will convert HDV to MP4 so I can watch them on my iPhone or iPad.”

It is a quite common problem with HDV files as they are not supported by different players, portable devices or editing tools. In this way, MP4 is considered to the best alternativ[……]

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ASF to MP3 Converter for Windows/Mac: Convert ASF Files to MP3 Freely Convert ASF to MP3 in Batch or Extract Sound from ASF Videos with ASF to MP3 Converter

Overview of Converting ASF to MP3 Conversion

Need to extract audios or sounds from ASF files for players or portable devices? Have interests in a professional ASF to MP3 Converter to convert ASF files to MP3 on PC or Mac? Look for a step by step guide on how to convert ASF to MP3 easily? If so, y[……]

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MOV to M4V Converter Mac/Windows: How to Convert MOV to M4V Easily? Batch Convert MOV to M4V with HD Quality for Playback in iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad, QuickTime, Apple TV, Apple Watch etc.


Want to convert MOV to M4V? Need to convert MOV to M4V without quality loss? Intend to convert MOV to M4V on Mac or convert MOV to M4V on Windows? Aim to Convert MOV to M4V in batch mode?

If so, this article will do you a great favor. The following passage is going to tell a step by s[……]

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AVI to M4V Converter: How to Convert AVI Files to M4V on Windows/Mac? Full Guide to Convert AVI to M4V with AVI to M4V Converter to Play Any AVI Videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes/QuickTime/ Apple TV/Apple Watch etc.

Overview of AVI to M4V Conversion

Need to convert AVI to M4V on Windows or Mac? Want a professional but easy to use AVI to M4V Converter to finish converting AVI to M4V? Wonder how to convert AVI files to M4V to freely play any AVI on Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes/QuickTime/ Apple TV/Apple Watch[……]

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Solve “FLV iTunes” and “iTunes FLV” Issues on Windows and Mac Easily Add/Import/Play FLV in iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod, QuickTime, Apple TV, Apple Watch etc. after Converting FLV to iTunes MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, ALAC, AIFF and more with FLV to iTunes Converter

Does iTunes Play FLV Videos on Windows and Mac?

When you try to add or import FLV in iTunes, you may meet the issue that iTunes cannot play FLV videos. It is quite normal as Apple official site claims that iTunes has support for MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, ALAC, AIFF but FLV.

So in order to import or[……]

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WebM VP9 Converter: How to Convert VP9 to Video on Windows and Mac? VP9 Encoder and VP9 Converter: Encode or Decode or Convert VP9 Videos from/to AVI/ MP4/WMV/MKV/FLV/VOB Successfully

Convert VP9 to Video or Convert Video to VP9

Do you want to convert VP9 to video or convert video WMV/MKV/FLV/VOB/MP4/AVI etc. to VP9? Are you in need of playing VP9 on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android or looking for a WebM VP9 Converter to solve all the VP9 issues?

If so, there is the right place[……]

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Foobar for Mac: Free Download Foobar2000 Mac and Foobar Mac to Play Audios Foobar Alternative Mac: Play or Convert Various Audios/Music on El Capitan/Yosemite etc. with Foorbar2000 for Mac

Are you Familiar with Foobar2000?

(1)   Foobar2000 Powerful Features

Do you use Foorbar2000? Foobar2000 is quite popular with Windows users as it is a free audio player with modular design, breadth of features, and extensive user flexibility in configuration just for Windows OS system. Besides, it[……]

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DPG Converter: Encode DPG and Decode DPG on Mac/Win DPG Encoder and DPG Converter: Convert DPG Videos from/to AVI/ MP4/WMV/MKV/FLV/VOB/M4V/MOV Easily

Convert Videos to DPG or Convert DPG to Videos

Are you looking for converting MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, M4V or MP4 to DPG? Do you want to convert DPG to MP4/AVI/MKV/FLV/WMV without trouble? Do you wonder where to find a DPG Converter to solve DPG converting problems? This guide here is going to fi[……]

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Xvid to MP4 Converter: How to Convert Xvid Files to MP4 Freely? Convert Xvid Files to MP4 with Xvid to MP4 Converter on Mac and Windows Successfully

Overview of Xvid to MP4 Conversion

People have needs to convert Xvid to MP4 on Windows or Mac in daily life. They seek Xvid to MP4 converting tools for Xvid to MP4 conversion purpose. However, there are too many converters on the market to choose the most appropriate and professional one. So in o[……]

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