Fraps to YouTube Converter: How to Compress & Convert Fraps Files to YouTube? Fraps to YouTube: Compress Fraps Videos with Small Size to Upload Fraps to YouTube

How can I Convert Fraps Videos to YouTube?

It is known that Fraps can capture and screen videos with HD quality on Windows. Fraps videos use special codec so it is hard to manage them. In order to upload Fraps videos to YouTube, it is a better idea to convert Fraps videos to YouTube supported FLV[……]

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3G2 to MOV Converter: How to Convert 3G2 to MOV on Mac/Win Easily? Batch Convert 3G2 Files to MOV for Free Playback on iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMovie, QuickTime etc.

The Reason to Convert 3G2 to MOV

Are you tired of finding a solution to convert 3G2 to MOV? Have you wanted a wonderful 3G2 to MOV Converter to convert 3G2 files to MOV as your demand? Do you need a way to enjoy 3G2 files on Tunes, QuickTime, VLC, WMP, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMovie, An[……]

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RA Converter: Convert RA to WMA, MP3, WAV for Playing RA to MP3/WAV/WMA Converter - Batch Convert RA Files to Upload RA Audio Files to YouTube, Burn RA into DVD and Play RA on Windows, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, BlackBerry, Android, PS4 etc.

What do We Know about .ra File Extension?

.ra file extension is an audio format and its full name is RealAudio. It includes a variety of audio codecs. The main features of RA format are .ra files can be played at the same time as it is downloaded. So RA is a streaming audio format.

As RA forma[……]

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MP2 Video/File Convert- How to Convert MP3/WAV/WMA to MP2 and Vice Versa? MP2 Encoder/Decoder: Convert MP4/WMV/FLV/WAV/WMA/MP3 to MP2 or Convert MP2 to MP3/WAV/WMA for Enjoying Freely

What Features does MP2 Format Have?

MP2, also called MPEG-2 Audio Layer II, is a lossy audio compression format. It is known that MP3, WAV, WMA and more audio formats are commonly used for Internet applications, file sharing and downloading content online due to their manageable file sizes. By co[……]

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MTV File Converter: Convert WMV/FLV/MOV/MKV/ MP4/AVI to MTV and Vice Versa MTV Encoder/Decoder Offers a Perfect Solution to Convert MTV to AVI, MP4, MP3 or Convert MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, to MTV

What is MTV?

MTV is a Music Television originally. Now MTV may refer to MTV sites or TV channels or files with .mtv file extension. The main point here is about .mtv format. That is to say this article is going to introduce files in MTV format. There MTV files may be from TV channels or MTV sites[……]

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Top 3 Best Video Converters for Video Conversion with Fast Speed and High Quality The Most Professional 3 Video Converters: Convert Video Files in Batch with Super Quality on Windows and Mac


There are more and more video converters on the market. It is very hard to evaluate which one is the best and the most professional. In order to provide some convenience for you, this article list top 3 of the year according to some data and standard in video converter filed. Hope this a[……]

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AU File Converter: Convert AU to Audios or Convert Audios to AU AU Decoder/Converter: How to Convert AU to Audios to Play AU Files Freely on Mac, Windows, Players, Portable Devices, iOS, Android etc.?

Do You Know AU Format?

Are you puzzled by .au file extension and want to figure out what is AU format exactly?  In fact, AU format is a lossless audio format from Sun Microsystems. It features high sound quality and plenty of audio encoding formats. It is a pity that AU format may have some suppo[……]

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AVI to NDS Converter: Convert AVI to NDS to Solve “AVI NDS “or “NDS AVI” Issues Convert AVI to NDS DPG Format to Play AVI Videos on Nintendo DS without Limitation

Why Nintendo DS Cannot Play AVI Videos?

As a game console, NDS is only compatible with DPG format. So it is not acceptable even if universal formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and more.

In order to play AVI on NDS with no problem, it is the best choice to convert AVI to NDS supported DPG with a p[……]

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NDS Video Converter: How to Convert NDS Files to Play Videos on NDS Easily? Nintendo DS Converter: Batch Convert NDS to Play Files on NDS with No Trouble

What is NDS Like in Our Life?

NDS, the short form of Nintendo DS, is a 32-bit dual-screen handheld game console by Nintendo.  Unlike other devices supporting universal MP4, NDS only recognize DPG format. So in order to play videos on NDS, a recommended solution is to convert videos to DPG with a[……]

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Wii File Converter: The Easiest Way to Convert Videos to Wii/Wii U Wii Video Converter: Batch Convert AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV to Wii/Wii U for Fun


It will be the best benefit for many Wii users if there is something like a professional Wii Converter which can help them convert some wonderful videos or audios to Wii for enjoying. Wii file converter below will do Wii users a great favor.

The following article aims to provide Wii u[……]

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AVI to Wii Converter: How to Convert AVI to Wii for Playing? (Resolved) Convert AVI to Wii to Solve "AVI Wii" or "Wii AVI" Issues and Play AVI on Wii Easily

Is it a Dream to Play AVI on Wii Freely?

Many Wii users find that they cannot open or play AVI files on Wii even if Wii claims supporting AVI format. How does it happen? Is it a dream to play AVI on Wii without limitation? The following article will solve these puzzles for you.

Why Fail to Imp[……]

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DPG Converter: Encode DPG and Decode DPG on Mac/Win DPG Encoder and DPG Converter: Convert DPG Videos from/to AVI/ MP4/WMV/MKV/FLV/VOB/M4V/MOV Easily

Convert Videos to DPG or Convert DPG to Videos

Are you looking for converting MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, M4V or MP4 to DPG? Do you want to convert DPG to MP4/AVI/MKV/FLV/WMV without trouble? Do you wonder where to find a DPG Converter to solve DPG converting problems? This guide here is going to fi[……]

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BDMV Video Converter: How to Convert BDMV Files to Play BDMV Videos Freely? Convert BDMV to AVI/MKV/MP4/MOV/FLV/WMV/VOB/MP3 with BDMV Converter to Play BDMV in VLC or Windows Media Player

General BDMV Questions

Cannot find a right player to play BDMV files? Wonder if there is a way to play BDMV videos in VLC or Windows Media Player? Have no ideas how to convert BDMV to AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, MPG, VOB, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF etc.?  Need to burn BDMV into DVD? Want to enjoy BDMV fil[……]

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Flip4Mac Alternative – Powerful Windows Media Player/Converter/Editor for Mac/PC Flip4Mac Alternative for Yosemite/Sierra/El Capitan: Convert or Play Windows Media WMV, WMA on Any Mac System

Flip4Mac Alternative on Mac

Flip4Mac is software used as a component of QuickTime for Windows video audio files playing on Mac OS X system. There are Flip4Mac Player (Pro) and Flip4Mac Studio (Pro HD). As time flies, Flip4Mac also develops much more wonderful features like convert files, export f[……]

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ASF to MP3 Converter for Windows/Mac: Convert ASF Files to MP3 Freely Convert ASF to MP3 in Batch or Extract Sound from ASF Videos with ASF to MP3 Converter

Overview of Converting ASF to MP3 Conversion

Need to extract audios or sounds from ASF files for players or portable devices? Have interests in a professional ASF to MP3 Converter to convert ASF files to MP3 on PC or Mac? Look for a step by step guide on how to convert ASF to MP3 easily? If so, y[……]

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Xvid to MP4 Converter: How to Convert Xvid Files to MP4 Freely? Convert Xvid Files to MP4 with Xvid to MP4 Converter on Mac and Windows Successfully

Overview of Xvid to MP4 Conversion

People have needs to convert Xvid to MP4 on Windows or Mac in daily life. They seek Xvid to MP4 converting tools for Xvid to MP4 conversion purpose. However, there are too many converters on the market to choose the most appropriate and professional one. So in o[……]

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RM File Converter – How to Convert RM Videos in Batch on Mac/PC? RM Video Converter: Successfully Convert RM Files for Freely Playing, Editing, Uploading and Burning

Overview of RM File Format

RM, also called RealMedia, is a video format from RealNetworks. This RM format is often used for streaming contents and developed a lot during time. Nowadays, RM files can be often seen in our daily work and life.

However, there are only several players or converter[……]

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MOV to M4V Converter Mac/Windows: How to Convert MOV to M4V Easily? Batch Convert MOV to M4V with HD Quality for Playback in iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad, QuickTime, Apple TV, Apple Watch etc.


Want to convert MOV to M4V? Need to convert MOV to M4V without quality loss? Intend to convert MOV to M4V on Mac or convert MOV to M4V on Windows? Aim to Convert MOV to M4V in batch mode?

If so, this article will do you a great favor. The following passage is going to tell a step by s[……]

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AVI to M4V Converter: How to Convert AVI Files to M4V on Windows/Mac? Full Guide to Convert AVI to M4V with AVI to M4V Converter to Play Any AVI Videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes/QuickTime/ Apple TV/Apple Watch etc.

Overview of AVI to M4V Conversion

Need to convert AVI to M4V on Windows or Mac? Want a professional but easy to use AVI to M4V Converter to finish converting AVI to M4V? Wonder how to convert AVI files to M4V to freely play any AVI on Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes/QuickTime/ Apple TV/Apple Watch[……]

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YouTube to M4V: Convert YouTube to M4V on Windows and Mac with No Trouble Convert YouTube to M4V in Batch with YouTube to M4V Converter to Play YouTube Videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes, QuickTime, Apple TV etc.

What are YouTube and M4V like in Our Mind?

  • YouTube: It is one of the most video-sharing websites with marvelous contents including video clips, TV clips, music videos, video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos and so on. YouTube is one of the most popular video sites in the w[……]

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MP4 to M4V: How to Convert MP4 to M4V on Windows and Mac? Batch Convert MP4 to M4V with MP4 to M4V Converter on Windows/Mac for Playback Any MP4 on iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes, QuickTime, Apple TV etc.

MP4 vs M4V: Comparison between MP4 and M4V

1)   Common

  • Both MP4 and M4V are MPEG-4 file format and compatible with many players and devices.

2)   Differences

  • MP4 appears much earlier than M4V.
  • MP4 files are free while M4V files are DRM protected.
  • MP4 has higher compatib[……]

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AVI to PS4 Converter: How to Convert AVI to PS4 to Play AVI on PlayStation 4? Convert AVI to PS4 Format to Solve "Can PS4 Play AVI" or "Does PS4 Play AVI" Issue

Brief Introduction of PS4

PS4, also called PlayStation 4 PlayStation®4, is a home video game console with unparalleled content and immersive gaming experiences. PS4 provides the most wonderful and outstanding environment to play games with excellent graphics and speed, beautiful and exciting musi[……]

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SPX to MP3 Converter: Convert SPX to MP3/FLAC/WMA/M4A/ WAV/AIFF/ALAC SPX File Converter/Player and Speex Converter: How to Convert SPX Audios to Play SPX Files Freely on Mac, Windows, Players, Portable Devices, iOS, Android etc.?

Are You Familiar with SPX File Format?

SPX, also called Speex, is a free and open source lossy audio compression format especially designed for speech. SPX provides relatively smaller file size ad useful features that are not present in most other codecs.

It is a confusing that SPX cannot be d[……]

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NSV File Converter/Player: How to NSV to WMV/MP4/MP3/AVI on PC/Mac? NSV to AVI Converter: Convert NSV to MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV to Play, Edit NSV Videos or Burn NSV into DVD or Upload NSV to YouTube

What is NSV Format?

NSV or .nsv is the short form of Nullsoft Streaming Video. NSV is a media container designed for streaming video content over the Internet and has become a much more popular format for streaming media.

Even if NSV file is quite common today but we may still encounter proble[……]

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